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MacDermid Lamarsh is always seeking talent whether that is in the form of a lawyer, articling student, or administrative member. We are seeking individuals who work best as part of a team environment and do not take themselves too seriously, while at the same time have passion for their clients. We are always professional, we take our clients issues seriously, but we always try to have fun along the way. If this unique environment is attractive to you, we urge you to apply to become a member of our team today.

The following is a statement from a past articling student with
our firm which outlines the personality at MacDermid Lamarsh:

I started my articles with MacDermid Lamarsh in 2014.  I was nervous as I had heard of the stories of articling students cleaning partners’ cars, typing all day, getting coffee, and cleaning out old storage basements. To my surprise, I was immediately immersed in the whirlwind of day-to-day life in a busy all service law firm.  This included the expectation that I fully know and understand the Queen’s Bench Rules of Court (to date the Annotated Queen’s Bench Rules of Court does not leave my office and to which I commonly refer to as my “Bible”). My experience was one of Court appearances, Briefs of Law, and emergency Affidavits. To be clear, my day-to-day life as an Associate is one of Court appearances, Briefs of Law and emergency affidavits. Thus, my experiences in articling is directly correlated to any successes that I may have as a full-time practicing lawyer.

As an articling student I had the luxury of working with lawyers and paralegals who took me under their wing to teach me how to be a lawyer on an issue from the beginning to the end of the matter. Further, they taught me that we are a team and how each person in our firm is part of the overall success to a matter.

My life as an articling student (and as an Associate) is one of “Even Stevens”.  There are long hours, when needed.  There are shorter days, when able.  In the end, it all works out and the gratification of knowing that your all was put into a matter was and is highly gratifying.

-Heather A. Knogler